Over the past 10 years, MBO has Retro-commissioned over 3 million square feet of existing operational facilities; thus saving owners 10% to 30% of their energy consumption.

Retro-commissioning is a process of systematically testing and analyzing existing systems and providing solutions for improvement.

MBO Inc. is experienced in monitoring systems performance data.  Our “Hands On” field engineers trend data through the existing building automation systems and portable data loggers; energy model buildings using DOE2 programs, such as eQUEST and Energy Pro; perform functional tests; and write implementation summaries to demonstrate that measures have been correctly implemented and energy savings have been achieved.

MBO Inc. tracks the performance of Division 15-17 operations to evaluate the persistence of savings.  Results are compared to the system-level benchmarks developed during the program and are presented in a final report.  The analysis may include a normalization of the performance of systems that are affected by the impacts of weather and occupancy.  Building operators and facility managers are invited to attend MBO’s review of these Measurement & Verification reports.

Estimated Savings