What is commissioning?

Commissioning is the systematic and documented process of ensuring that building systems perform and interact according to the design intent and the owner’s operational needs. MBO Inc. achieves this by beginning oversight in the design phase, performing hands-on verification in the construction phase, and providing additional support and training during the occupancy phase. Our three step process is the key to unlocking a building’s full potential.




Design phase commissioning is intended to provide the owner with support in creation and review of documents that will guide the construction process.



Construction phase commissioning is intended to provide the owner with support and oversight during the construction process. The commissioning authority will periodically schedule site visits and commissioning meetings to help identify installation deficiencies that may significantly impact the quality and schedule of the project.



Occupancy phase commissioning is intended to provide the owner with continued support through their initial occupancy of the building. In this phase, the commissioning authority will verify and document the continued training of the building's operations staff.

When is commissioning required?

When trying to determine when commissioning is required, there is one imperative question to ask; is the building a new, nonresidential building over 10,000 square feet? If the answer is yes, then per California’s Title 24 Part 6 section 120.8 the building will require commissioning. There are still many other instances where commissioning may be required. When in doubt, give us a call and we can walk through your project's criteria to determine the answer to this question. Note that “new” is defined as a building that has never been previously occupied for any reason.

What systems need commissioning?

Per California’s Title 24 Part 6 section 120.8, all building systems and components covered by sections 110.0, 120.0, 130.0, 140.0 shall be included in the scope of the commissioning requirements, excluding covered processes. These sections specify that HVAC&R, domestic hot water, lighting and daylighting, and associated controls systems must be commissioned. These sections also specify that landscape irrigation, water reuse systems, and photovoltaic systems be commissioned as well. These systems are less typical of standard projects and only need commissioning if applicable. 

Who should hire the commissioning authority?

Hiring an independent, certified commissioning authority (CxA) directly through the owner of a project represents the preferred delivery method for professional commissioning services. Our CxA’s must maintain an unbiased approach to problem solving and resolution. CxA’s being independent of designers, contractors, vendors, and suppliers on the project is essential to realizing the full value of the commissioning process. The CxA can still be extremely effective when contracted under a member of the construction team, but it is recommended that the CxA at least be allowed to keep the owner informed through progress reports and meetings.